Feb 25 Webinar for IPMA Project Excellent Award Applicants announced

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20 February 2013 – The International Project Management Association (IPMA) has announced a webinar on 25 February 2013 for interested and potential applicants for the IPMA 2013 Project Excellence Awards. Time: CET 12:30-13:30 Information and registration at http://ipma.ch/awards/project-excellence/pe-award-training/


The purpose for the webinar is to provide an opportunity for potential applicants to the PE Award 2013 to learn about the benefits of participation, to get a brief introduction to the award process and PE model, as well as an opportunity to clarify open questions. The Agenda will include:

  • Welcome of participants / introduction of speakers
  • The IPMA PE-Award – purpose, process, roles, PE Model
  • Benefits for the applicants
  • Examples of previous projects that applied (project types, industries, sizes)
  • Next Steps
  • Questions

IPMA annually presents project management awards to project management teams that exploit and can prove great achievements in project management. The IPMA International Project Excellence Award supports professional project management in achieving high performance in projects and identifies projects as examples of excellent project management. By rewarding teams that prove their success in project management, IPMA recognizes and acknowledges excellent and innovative projects. The IPMA PE Award motivates project teams to identify and optimize the use of their strengths. The IPMA PE Award also provides Applicants with the opportunity to gain feedback on their project management performance to assist in continuous improvement of their project management.

Read more about the IPMA Project Excellence Award in the attached brochure and on the web site. (http://ipma.ch/awards/project-excellence/). For more information please visit: www.ipma.ch/awards or contact the IPMA Award Office Manager Ms. Ewa Bednarczyk award@ipma.ch

Founded in 1965 and registered in Switzerland, the International Project Management Association (IPMA) was the world’s first project management professional organization. IPMA is an international federation of more than 50 national PM societies in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. IPMA offers an International Competence Baseline standard, a four-level project manager certification, expert seminars and global knowledge. IPMA’s annual world congress is one of the most important meetings of the world’s project management experts and leaders each year. The president of IPMA for 2012 is Roberto Mori. Additional information about IPMA is available at www.ipma.ch